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  1. Download SPSD and unzip it
  2. Drop your WSP files into the "Solutions" folder
  3. Copy everything on one server in your farm
  4. Run the Deploy.bat

For more detailed control over the deployment process you can

  1. Modify the 'default.xml' environment definition XML in the "Environments" folder with the SPSD Environment Editor
  2. Create your own environment file in the "Environments" folder 
    If you name the file after a machine '$env:COMPUTERNAME.xml' it will be used instead of the 'default.xml' on that machine, 
    if you name it after a username '$env:USERNAME.xml', it will be used when the script is run by this user)
  3. Extract any XML node of a configuration file to a separate file and specify the ID and FilePath tags. SPSD will automatically merge the files together. This allows you to reuse parts of the configuration for different deployment environments.
  4. Specify variables in the environment definition file, which will be replaced on runtime (you can also use system environment variables)
  5. Specify custom PowerShell commands (i.e activate features, run your own scripts etc) in the 'Scripts/CustomTargets.ps1' file in the corresponding target.

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