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Running SPSD remotely

Jun 20, 2013 at 1:13 PM

Firstly I just wanted to say that I think SPSD is fantastic.

I am using it for my deployment but am about to start looking at how to remotely kick off an SPSD deploy on my WebFrontEnd from TeamCity running on a separate build box.

I just wondered if you had any advice on using SPSD remotely.


Jun 20, 2013 at 1:48 PM
Hi Andrew,
thanks for your feedback (feel welcome to rate the project :) )

It is totally possible to run SPSD remotely.
I do that too with the solutions where TFS has access to the staging environment.

Scenario 1:
You build the deployment package of SPSD automatically with the team build.

This can be accomplished if you have a deployment project in your VS solution which collects all WSPs and packages them nicely together for SPSD. The sister project "SharePoint Software Factory" availalbe at provides already such a project in solutions ou create with it. SPSD will soon have its own prject template available here to have the feature without SPSF.

So everytime your team build runs the deployment package is available in your drop location. I haven't work with team city, but in TFS you could start the batches or the PowerShell directly. i.e. by PS-Remoting on the staging farm.

Scenario 2:
You just build the WSPs and drop them in an existing SPSD deployment package (in the solutions folder) or specify a custom solutions location (your drop location) when calling SPSD to tell it where to take the solutions from.

Can be called like in scenario 1.

Scenario 3:
I an previous project we built a staging web service which was running on the staging farm.
When setting the build quality of the team build to "Ready for Deployment" in TFS, a custom staging workitem was created.
In that you could choose whereto the build should be deployed and the web service on the respective staging farm was called with the droplocation as parameter.
When the deployment was finished, the deployment log was added as attachment to the staging workitem.

This is a pretty neat solution, though it require
  1. configuration / installation of the webservice on each staging farm
  2. additional configuration in TFS and adding the custom staging workitem type to each team project.
If you have any further questions or ideas, let me know :)